SolarSpan® Low Pitch Insulated Roof

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SolarSpan® is Australia's leading insulated composite roofing product offering long-spans, low pitch and high thermal efficiency.This all-in-one insulated roofing solution offers a ceiling, insulation and roof sheet in one product.

SolarSpan® features a COLORBOND® steel exterior, an expanded polystyrene core with fire-retardant (EPS-FR) for insulation in all seasons and a pre-painted COLORBOND® steel underside, SolarSpan® is the ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. It faster to install than conventional roofing, eliminating the need for traditional trusses, mesh, sarking, insulation and plasterboard and supporting trades.

SolarSpan® is low pitch, long spanning and thermally efficient composite roofing solution manufactured exclusively with BlueScope® Steel exterior, featuring a high performance insulation core (EPS-FR). 

SolarSpan® Low Pitch Insulated Roof

Fast Facts

  • Module Width
  • Colorbond
  • BCA Compliant
  • Availability
    Nationally, Produced Locally

Thickness / R-Values

  • Thickness R-Values
    50 1.4 75 2.1 100 2.7 125 3.3 150 4.0 175 4.6^ 200 5.2

Product Core Options

Expanded Polystyrene with fire-retardant (EPS-FR),

Panel Profiles

Colour Palette


Shale Grey®


Manor Red®

Pale Eucalypt®


Woodland Grey®

Classic Cream®


Case Studies