Single Service Responsibility

Bondor® is the only manufacturer, distributor and installer of EPS-FR cored panel, Factory Mutual Approved PIR cored panels and Factory Mutual Approved Mineral Wool fibre cored panels. As such we are in a unique position to offer our customers impartial advice on the right insulated panel solution to meet their needs. From the design stage, through to post project support and warranty, Bondor® believes in being a single service organisation. With over 60 years experience at the forefront of the Australian panel industry, and the ability to call upon more then 45 years of international experience, Bondor® has the ability to maximize the efficiency and economy of your building project.

Design and Specification

At Bondor® we are ready to meet any challenge. Whether a complex major project or a small do-it-yourself kit, we can develop an economical solution, combining extensive knowledge of product capabilities with customer requirements. We can offer support, which may include custom detailing, as well as assistance with design and application, to architects, design teams and contractors.

Installation Services

With over 60 years experience, Bondor  is the first choice in installation services; with a dedicated and professional team who have significant experience in installing panel to suit Australian conditions and to meet Australia building codes and regulations. Based in every state of Australia, Bondor® is readily available to efficiently specify and install any of its insulated building products

Post Project Support

Bondor has total confidence in all of our insulated building systems. As such, each product comes with a BlueScope steel warranty; which will provide confidence that in the unlikely event there is a problem, your reputation and your clients's investment will be protected.