FlameGuard® Non-Combustible Cladding & Fire Rated Walls

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FlameGuard® is a non-combustible and fire-rated walling product with a non-ozone depleting Mineral Wool core, encased in BlueScope® steel pre-finished in COLORBOND® .

FlameGuard® has been tested & certified to achieve up to a 3 Hour Fire Rating, also offering a range of cost-effective FlameGuard® wall configurations that can achieve project specific FRL requirements of 60/60/60, 90/90/90 or 120/120/120 in addition to the 180/180/180 (3 hours).

The FlameGuard® wall system not only has high thermal performance & energy efficiency but is fire-resistant walling panel made from pre-finished Australian-made Bluescope® COLORBOND®  steel and is well suited to long spanning applications which require Non-Combustibility, FRL or FM Approval for insurance purposes. FlameGuard® 50mm & 75mm are FM Approved to FM 4880 No Height Restriction. FlameGuard®Plus 100mm & 150mm are FM Approved to FM 4880 & FM 4881 No Height Restriction and is recommended where improved fire performance is required for insurance purposes in walling and ceiling applications.

^ Note: Please check COLORBOND® colour availability with your local Bondor representative prior to specification as project min order quantities may apply.

FlameGuard® Non-Combustible Cladding & Fire Rated Walls

Fast Facts

  • Module Width
  • FM Approved
  • Colorbond
  • BCA Compliant
  • Availability

Thickness / R-Values

  • Thickness Declared R-value (m2K/W) at 23℃ Total R-value (m2K/W) at 15℃ (Winter) Total R-value (m2K/W) at 30℃ (Summer)
    50 1.36 1.58 1.48 75 2.04 2.29 2.13 100 2.72 3.00 2.79 150 4.09 4.41 4.11

Product Core Options

Mineral Wool (MW)

Panel Profiles

Colour Palette


Astro® Metallic Lustre Effect

Cosmic® Metallic Lustre Effect

Aries® Metallic Lustre Effect

Rhea® Metallic Lustre Effect

Galactic® Metallic Lustre Effect

Shale Grey®

Evening Haze®


Manor Red®


Pale Eucalypt®



Woodland Grey®




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