The Challenges

Environmental sustainability and ethical resourcing have become important considerations for the construction industry. Designed as the new benchmark for sustainable workspaces, the $4 million Corner Block development is the world’s first building to meet Passive House, Green Star and WELL standards. This places the development at the forefront of the building and construction industry for energy efficiency, sustainability, and human well-being.

Corner Block is a 3,000 square-metre commercial project constructed by building and development agency Base Haus on the Gold Coast. Two-thirds of this space has been maximised for lettable use to create eight commercial tenancies ranging in size from 112 – 886 square-metres.

The Solution

Bondor's widely adopted MetecnoSpan insulated roofing and the highly responsive Metecno PIR team are responsible for the project’s success.

The all-in-one nature of MetecnoSpan panelling meant the one product catered to the function of interior and exterior roofing applications. Further, its low volatile organic compound (VOC) finishing contributed heavily towards achieving the high sustainability and healthy building standards required for the building’s three target certifications.

MetecnoSpan also reduced the overall cost of the project due to its higher affordability in comparison to conventional roofing systems and its unique design. The interior finishing on MetecnoSpan panels eliminated the need for a suspended ceiling during the development, thereby reducing the number of onsite tradesmen required.

Director of Base Haus Ben Sinclair said, “Metecno PIR’s clear and timely communication between suppliers and construction teams throughout the project and exceptional quality of product pinpoint the company as the catalyst for the success of Corner Block and the achievement of Passive House, Green Star and WELL certification.

“As the industry’s appetite grows for the benefits these certifications bring, we hope to build more projects that push the boundaries even further and to incorporate even more of Metecno PIR’s products into the design.”


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