The Challenges

FlameGuard® decorative architectural non-combustible wall cladding was chosen for the exterior walls of the corporate office campus, 381 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton. The three-level building has been purpose-built to maximise light penetration for those seeking an A-grade office space.

The Solution

FlameGuard® was the walling product of choice for this project due to its excellent insulation attributes, but also for its fire-resistant ability. It is ideal for projects such as 381 said that the Non-Combustible Cladding FlameGuard’s® compliance with QBCC requirements made it a strong contender.

But what made FlameGuard® stand out from other options was the aesthetic finish that complemented the other gorgeous architectural features of the project. With the project size of 2700 sqm, Greystone Builders utilised FlameGuard’s® Non-Combustible Cladding to ensure the longevity of the building, where architectural compromise did not have to be made.


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